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The Basics

Civil litigation is an exceptionally broad category of litigation that, in essence, encompasses any legal dispute that does not involve criminal prosecution.  A civil lawsuit begins in earnest with the filing and service of a ‘complaint’ by a plaintiff which makes factual allegations, and explains why the plaintiff believes he or she is entitled to legal relief.  For example, a plaintiff may allege that a defendant breached a contractual obligation to perform a service.  Perhaps the plaintiff is a landlord who desires to evict a tenant, or vice versa.  I have experience in general civil litigation representing both plaintiffs and defendants.  I  have been involved in cases ranging from construction disputes to stolen farm equipment – from commercial lease agreements to defamation actions. 

I encourage you to take advantage of my free, fifteen minute consultation to discuss the facts of your particular claim, or the strength of any claim that may have been brought against you. 

In addition to litigation at what lawyers refer to as the ‘trial level’, I also have experience with appeals of both a civil and criminal nature.


When a case is resolved by a ‘final order’, either party has the opportunity to seek a review of the case by an appellate court, provided they seek this review in a timely matter.  The most important thing to understand about appeals is that they are not a ‘do-over’.  The appellate courts – which in Tennessee state court matters would be the Tennessee Court of Appeals and the Tennessee Supreme Court – review the trial court record of a case to identify whether any errors occurred at the trial court level.  Appellate practice is far removed from the portrayal of ‘lawyering’ in most aspects of media, which makes sense – a good appeal is one supported by a thoroughly researched legal brief.  The shocking reveal of a fifteen page memorandum of law is hardly the makings of a primetime drama.  However, if you believe that errors occurred at the trial of your cause, you’ll want the best appellate attorney to prepare that memorandum of law.  Legal research and writing is one of my greatest professional strengths, and I am more than happy to assist you with an appeal from either a civil or criminal final judgment.  Time is of the essence in the filing of an appeal, so call me today or schedule a call at my next availability to discuss the facts of your case.

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